Computers and children a boon or a bane in favour

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Digital payment is easy and secure. The invention of computer made human life much easier,faster and comfortable. We dont realise that what we are losing in the real world when we are trying our level best to create a top score in the games in the virtual world.

I've a bad cold. I was not born yesterday. As today world is full of technology and software that proves to be threat to the security.

Computer Is A Boon or a Bane

Jul 29, In my opinion, digital payments are more secure than cashless system if used wisely. Aug 23, In my point of view, It requires skills and technology to access all the digital transaction. Here is how it works.

Boon or curse depends on the hand of person using it. This has led to them becoming less active with the people around them and has also affected their personality. I don't give a damn. Again with the campaigns going across India to make people understand the importance of digitalisation they are trying hard but the fact that illiteracy and poverty exist it becomes a great barrier for people to grasp all the new advancements.

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Dued idont think so that bane the computer -4 View Full Answer Computers: I beg to differ. Children need time for active, physical play; hands-on lessons of all kinds, especially in the arts; and direct experience of the natural world. I can ill afford it. We now rely less on cash but the advantages of transacting with cash are still not inculcated in the digital payments platform.

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As because we all know about the software market now, which is being increased incredibly. Security is a big problem that one can face here. In Indian currency is protected from the illegal notes by using digital payments. I've my back to the wall. I missed the connection.

How do you do. Jul 29, Digital payment is good to make economy cashless. Where ever the transactions are easy by using digital payment. Consider the case of physical handicrafts, means blind people, they usually make their transaction by touching and recognizing money.

Computers: Boon or Bane.

DEBATE computer a bane

Computers, one of the most advanced electronics which have made outstanding effect on todays world. We can solve the toughest problems on it in just mere seconds. We can get all sorts of information ; from an ant to the elephant. But everything that looks good,doesnt always mean it is the best/5(12).

News Headlines, Process description and Report Writing; I want a debate on "computers and children"- a boon or bane. I want a debate on computers and children a boon or bane. edit Answer; Like; Follow Following; Asked by Swathi Computer is a boon.

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debate on 'computers and children:a boon or bane' English Unit 6(C) - Children and Computers/5(21). May 13,  · COMPUTER AND CHILDREN–A BOON OR BANE: Posted on May 13, by treasureboxes. Computer are good for children or not? Well I totally agree with this statement that computers are good for children if they use it in the right way.

We can use it correctly in these ways: 1. Finding information on good topics and increasing our knowledge. If the computers are being used by the children in proper manner, positively and just for getting education purpose, its a boon for them.

Bit if not, it can be a bane or a curse too. Its not for surfing through several those websites that are not really ever made for their purpose.

Computers and children a boon or a bane in favour
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