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The following characteristics may, however, be pointed out: Time is of great significance in developmental administration as socio-economic changes have to be brought as quickly as possible.

In a society there are various institution and organization constitute various sector which help to increase the development of any country especially a developing nation or country like Bangladesh.

Political and constitutional changes during the past three 3 to four 4 decades with the transition from Crown Colony status through the internal self-government stage towards independence, coupled with the introduction of universal adult suffrage and the subsequent development of strong political parties and trade unions.

Something is administrable if it is able to be administered. Most of the endeavors made by the NGOs mainly targeted to achieve overall development of the country by meeting pragmatically or practically.

There are many examples of regional NGOs becoming national NGOs, extending their programmes to several districts and a large number of Upazilas. Environment In the recent days Bangladesh is considered to be an environmentally endangered region.

These services constitute a form of partnership between the government agencies and the people. The speed of technology changes is also a challenge particularly in areas of IT capacity.

What all have in common, is the need to develop a trained bureaucracy able to deal with the next stage of growth.

What is the meaning of administrable?

Water Aid Bangladesh WAB played a leading role in this process by organizing different activities and financial support, and also in the publication of the strategy Discussion based on Water Aid documentation and advice. However, they were still steeped in the old systems and establishments of public administration which they inherited, systems that were not designed to be responsive to such demands for economic and social transformation now being demanded by the newly independent countries.

It also involves an interdisciplinary approach taking help from varied social and physical sciences, like economics, demography, statistics, mathematics and computer science etc. Development administration is concerned not only with the administration of development but also with the development of administration.

There are three ways of finding a company that is in administration:. The term is of recent origin. There is a high dependency of donors and a tendency to shift interventions to match donor priorities.

It requires attitudinal change. What has been said so far, gives the reader an idea about the nature of the development administration. For instances, can indices be found that will indicate when a government is pursuing one or another of the goals.

The aim of plans, policies, and projects is to reach socio-economic goals What is the Meaning of Administrative Clerk.

Problems may accrue, inhibitory and unresponsive. Developing nations and NGOs often find allies in one another when opposing legislation, economic terms or agreements from global institutions. The paper attempts to look at this region and its unique history and examines some of the approaches that have been employed to treat with the thrust towards development.

Not only were they important instruments for unification and centralization, but they enabled the rulers to implement continuous policy. No doubt, at present it suffers from certain structural weaknesses and behavioural attitudes, nevertheless, given right orientation in the new content, bureaucracy can be structurally and behaviourally geared to the task of development.

Another area of development administration is project management. This class soon acquired social and political paramountcy on account of the various political and social factors. Problems may also arise should the system continue to dispense favour and patronage and disregard achievement factors.

Indeed some students of the subject believe that there is hardly any resemblance between the two at all, because development administration is so new, so exciting, and so much in need of evolving methods and approaches of its own.

In the process, a new approach to banking has gained global recognition, and its efficacy in addressing needs of the poor is widely acknowledged. Warren Bennis goes to the extent of saying that bureaucracy is likely to go out of use in the wake of new social system. School of Continuing Studies, p.

This new class was western oriented and trained in western methods of administration. The context of the developed countries and developing countries are certainly different. The emergence of NGOs in Bangladesh began only after the devastating cyclone that occurred in and after the war of liberation.

However the NGOs in Bangladesh generally face some challenges in the time of their operation such as: Are they open, transparent and accountable to their stakeholders. The role of the development NGOs has been crucial in a number of primary healthcare concerns, notably immunization and diarrhea control.

Kavery Project, are some such examples. The NGOs undertake various programs to combat deforestation and to improve the conditions of deforestation. Development administration, as a concept, is a part in the developing countries of the broader discipline of public administration.

Development administration differs from traditional public administration largely because of the ecological or environmental factor. Development Administration Essay This example Development Administration Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. Essay # 1. Meaning of Development Administration: Edward Weidner defined it as “the process of guiding an organisation toward the achievement of progressive political, economic and social objectives that are authoritatively determined in one manner or the other”.

In the 20th century, with the development and growth of business schools in America and Europe, the dynamics of business administration changed. With more research conducted in a professional way, Business Administration has also given birth to its branches.

Development administration is concerned with plans, policies, programmes and projects which focuses on nation building and socio-economic development.

It aims to achieve socio-economic goals. BACKGROUND. In looking at the predicament of development administration in the Commonwealth Caribbean, this paper will examine the topic under two (2) broad themes.

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